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Wood Slabs

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We make countertops, tabletops, and furniture from trees that are storm damaged, diseased or have reached their maximum lifespan. These trees are often removed from roadsides and backyards and would otherwise be destined for landfills or mulch-piles. Not a single tree is cut down specifically for our use. We don't just repurpose trees, we repurpose machinery, we call beekeepers instead of exterminators, and we use all of our scraps.

Wood Slab Sizes

Our mill and large blades allow us to make decorative lumber as large as 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 20 foot long and wide slabs up to 60 inches wide 7 inches thick and 20 feet long and anything smaller so the possibilities are endless, almost. We can craft small artwork like wall decorations, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, up to the largest pieces of furniture such as conference tables and accent walls.

Wood Materials and Finishes

We have a large variety of tree types to offer many unique patterns, colors, and looks. Some of the trees we use frequently are Maple, Elm, Ash, White oak, and Walnut but we also have less common varieties in stock like Osage Orange, Hackberry, Honey Locust, and other eastern American hardwoods. We only carry what we personally Mill so we do not offer international exotic varieties. 

Any of these pieces can be finished to a sheen of your choice using specially formulated materials that create a furniture grade finish that can endure a lifetime.

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