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We see the intrinsic beauty of each piece of wood that we work with and know that their unique characteristics are derived from the stress that the tree has been through over its many years of existence. We are literally saving the last vestiges of trees that were growing when this country was founded. They are often removed from the yards of historic homes and have stood alone exposed to a myriad of natural stressors no tree in a forest would ever be exposed to. It is those stresses that create the intrinsic beauty.

Often times different is interpreted as ugly, but we think different is beautiful.. It is the splits and cracks and holes and decay that often produce the most unique characteristics on the inside of a tree. So it is with humans, often beauty is not skin deep, it is contained deep on the inside behind all of those scars that takes quite a bit of effort to get to but once we do, it always seems worth it. It is because of this that we feel deeply connected with our work and with our customers. They know we see them. 

We create these custom works of art for functional use and inherent enjoyment and hope that everyone who sees thems feels the same joy that we do when crafting them. 

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