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Wood Countertops

Wood Counter Tops | Wood Tops and Tables

Our custom cut and treated wood slabs are perfect for a unique, beautiful, and durable countertop that is sure to pop in your kitchen. All of our slabs used for countertops are carefully dried and finished so that they are long-lasting and blemish resistant.

Wood Countertop Treatment

We treat our wood countertops and coat them so that they do not scratch, burn, or rot. They also require little to no maintenance, comparable to a hardwood floor.  How many years do your floors exist before needing to refinish them? 15 or so years? And, the floors are abused by us walking, sand, salt, water, mud, pets, kids, and much more than your countertop would ever be subjected to. 

In short, your wood countertop can last a very long time without attention or maintenance. 

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