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Pros & Cons of Repurposed Wood 

Wood Slab Durability

Our wood slabs are extremely durable and can last for a lifetime. Each piece is kiln-dried, sanded, and then protected by a premium finish such as polyurethane resins, or coated with wax and oils to promote longevity by a premium finish to promote longevity with a sheen of your choice. 

Certain finishes that we use are formulated so if you do end up in the unlikely scenario of causing a blemish, that spot can be sanded out and finish can be applied only to the area that was sanded. The end result will make it seem as if nothing had ever happened. There is no need to refinish the entire piece.

Unique Wood Products

Every single product we sell is unique; even if two pieces come from the same tree, they will be different in color and grain pattern.  

Whether you have something in mind for your special table, counter, desk, or wall, or if you want to visit our showroom to explore your options, we can help!

Other Pros of Wood Tops & Tables:

  • Low to no maintenance required
  • Environmentally friendly salvaged wood and other materials
  • They are warm visually and physically
  • They will dent before they chip or crack
  • They are solid wood and can be refinished as often as you would like but with a moderate amount of care, chances are they will never actually need to be.

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